little baby niall is amused by the japanese fans dancing




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AU: On a day out with the boys, you get stopped by a guy who finds you attractive and asks for your number. Calum, your best friend of the group, openly complains about how he’d be a better choice for you.

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AU: Your close friendship with Michael has given the idea to fans that you’re dating but no matter how much you deny the assumption, you both can’t seem to shake the existent feelings you have to one another. 

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AU MEME: The guys always make fun/tease Luke because of how he acts towards you, but he just claims that he’s just a hopeless romantic and he’s just in love with you.

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You were surprised when Calum popped up on your screen after you Skyped Luke. “Hey Cal, where’s Luke? I have a surprise for him,” you tell Calum. “Oh I dunno, I just stole his computer. Hold on… LUCAS!” He shouted. You laughed, waving when your boyfriend walked into the frame. “I found him,” Calum stated. “Hey babe, what’s up,” Luke said. “This little one wanted to see her daddy,” you grin, picking your little girl up and setting her in your lap. His face lit up when he saw her. “Hey is that (Y/N)?!” Ashton shouted, peaking between Calum and Luke. “I wanna see her!” Ashton whined. “Don’t you remember Ashton, his daughter cried last time she saw you,” Calum called, but Luke was oblivious as he waved at your little girl. “She’s getting so big,” he whispered, beaming through the webcam. “She misses you too - ” You start, your breath hitching when your daughter lunged forward and almost fell out of your hold. “Dada,” she whispered, reaching for the picture on the screen. Luke’s smile got wider, if that was possible and Ashton jumped back into frame. “What happened?!” “She said her first word you idiot,” Calum answered. Ashton sighed, walking away from the abuse. “I can’t wait to see you guys,” Luke admitted, still stunned at his little girl’s actions. 

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In which you’re skyping with your boyfriend, Niall, who hasn’t seen you in a while and things begin to get frisky…

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AU: The boys talk about your relationship with Luke when asked how he’s dealing with your break-up.

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AU: Michael's the bad boy of your college
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AU MEME: You're dating Michael and you guys are known for joking around a lot and making fun of each other but everyone knows you two love each other so much.


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AU MEME: You had made your intentions towards Luke very clear: No relationships. Obviously, he did not agree with that, and decided that you were going to be a couple. And well, Luke can be very persuasive when he wants to.

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Au: You and Luke have been dating for a few weeks now and Ashton decides to pull out the “over protective brother” card… and fails

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I: “now that Y/N is coming on tour with you guys there anything you’ll be doing differently?”

M: “yeah he’ll be locking the door more often”

L: “you know it”

L: ” she’s totally going to kill me for that”



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AU: You’re in a relationship with Ashton but Calum fell in love with you after spending so much time with you and Ashton.

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AU:  You’re best friends with the boys. You end up forgetting your phone in a desperate attempt to not be late for your date night with your boyfriend of a few months, who everyone not-so-secretly hates- especially Calum.

Ashton comes up with the bright idea to try to expose Calum’s (way too) obvious crush on you by recording a video on your phone for you to discover after your date.

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but seriously thought what if you were michael’s sister and luke had a crush on you but michael’s really protective and i’m not sure what to do with myself rn sorry bye xoxo (x)

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